The undersigned has applied for a Social Membership in Pink City Corp’s Curvy Alliance (formally Project Curve Appeal)  (the "Organization"). In connection with the application, the Organization has provided to the prospective Member pertinent information concerning their membership in the Organization and the structure and operation of the Organization.  This Acknowledgement is for the purpose of confirming that the Member has been supplied with such information and has had the opportunity to make all inquiries that the prospective Member so desires.   

By execution of this Acknowledgement in the space below, the prospective Member acknowledges as true and correct each of the statements set forth herein.   

1.     I acknowledge that it is my responsibility to request a copy of the Organization's current Bylaws.   

 2.     I acknowledge that it is my responsibility to request a copy of the Handbook relevant to the position/membership I applied for and to read it in full.

 3.     I acknowledge that I understand the standard NATIONAL membership dues are a total of $125 per year, and that my balance will be due on January 1st of each year.  I acknowledge that I understand am responsible for maintaining a zero balance in my account and that any failure to submit my National Membership dues can result in a termination of my membership.  

 4.     I acknowledge that I understand that Pink City Corp and affiliates have a strict NO REFUND policy and that I enter this membership at my own expense.   

 5.     I acknowledge that my local chapter is a separate legal entity from Pink City Corp and its affiliates.  

 6.     I acknowledge that in addition to my national dues, my local chapter may also vote to collect local dues to cover local expenses and that Pink City Corp has nothing to do with this vote or the management of local chapter funds.   

 7.     I acknowledge that memberships are non-transferable and can be recalled by the Organization at any time if I violate any rule or do not meet the standards of the organization.   

 8.     I acknowledge that Social Members have no equity or ownership interest in the Organization, and have no voting rights in National affairs. 

 9.     I understand that I am expected to attend the September 28-30, 2018 National “I Got Curve Appeal Convention” in Chicago, IL and that if I hold any position in the alliance such as Chapter Owner, City Manager, Model Manager, FOCA Etc.. and do not at least participate in the National Meeting taking place during the convention, that I will lose my position for at least a year.

 10.  I understand that if I am a FOCA, I must participate in regular community service, commit to fit activities and chapter meetings as well as promote the Curvy Alliance brand and abide by all the rules in the FOCA Handbook to maintain my position.

 This Social Membership Acknowledgement is subject to the Organization’s current Bylaws; and in the event of any conflict, the Bylaws shall control.

By checking the box on the membership form, it will act as your official electronic signature confirming that you agree to the above terms.  

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